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Le Perelle

un cocktail à la fois fort et suave  à base de sapinette, de cognac et miel. Le tout fumé aux épines de sapin.

Miami Vice

a cocktail that is both complex and gourmet based on bourbon, amaretto, lime juice, bitters and homemade rosemary cordial.


The Black Horse

A very original cocktail that is both floral, tangy and botanical, reminiscent of the scents of our mountains at the start of summer.
a harmonious blend of gin, kumquat liqueur, violet liqueur, lemon juice and blueberry cordial

Another essential of the house: The prime rib.

It is cooked in the fireplace in front of you and served with homemade fries and a freshly cooked bearnaise.

The piece of meat weighing more than a kilo, to eat alone or to share with two, comes straight from Emin Meat in La Chambre.

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