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These large spaces give a deep feeling of freedom and oxygenation. Here, winter sports enthusiasts find their happiness in the vastness and variety of the ski area. Sensations guaranteed both for experienced lovers of steep slopes and powder snow, and for beginners who can easily marvel at the immensity of our landscapes.
Children can discover the joys of the first slides in a specially designed space, then improve their skills thanks to a team of competent and friendly instructors. As for those who want to find more than skiing or snowboarding, they can also indulge in many activities: water aerobics, snowshoeing, paragliding, dog sledding, ski touring ...

The resort surprises with a magnificent mountain environment by discovering exceptional landscapes, with, among other things, a superb viewpoint from Mont Blanc to the Ecrins from the Col de la Madeleine (2000m) and the possibility of admiring, at the height of Saint François Longchamp 1450m, the Chimneys of the Fairies, a phenomenon of natural erosion rare in this region.

In the evening, the best restaurants in the resort are there to help holidaymakers discover Savoyard gastronomy in a good mood. Then everyone is free to continue the evening by going to the cinema, nightclub or one of the many shows and concerts organized each week.
Saint François Longchamp is also well-being in the mountains with its new fitness and balneotherapy center.

From a sustainable development point of view, each architectural project and ski area are set up after studies or the environment remains a priority.
Saint François Longchamp has long been a pioneer in this area with a policy of sorting waste and recycling cardboard boxes that is always put forward to the local population and tourists.

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